Bluetooth Not Available

in Genius Bar
Bluetooth does not show up anymore. I think it might have been related to a 10.14 update. I think I updated a public beta version und suddenly didn't work anymore.
I tried the following
• Reset SMC and PRAM >Same
• Booted into Bootcamp > Same
• Installed fresh 10.14 on an external drive > Same issue
• Booted into Apple Diagnostics (AHT) > No hardware issue found
• Went to Genius bar > Diagnostics showed all good for bluetooth > Genius suggested wifi card replacement > Declined
• I purchased a used wifi card and replaced it myself. I am certified Mac Technician  :D

The Bluetooth problem still exists with the 2nd wifi card so I am pretty sure it is not wifi card related.
AppleCare pretty useless, Genius doesn't think outside the box.

Any suggestions what else to try?


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