Honeywell debuts T9 and T10 Pro smart thermostats, lack HomeKit support

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During the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Honeywell parent company Resideo has shown off two new smart thermostats -- the T9 and T10 Pro. While both add quite a few new features for users of the controlling app, they lack HomeKit support -- at least for now.

Honeywell Smart Thermostat
Honeywell T9 smart thermostat and room sensor

The biggest new feature for the pair of thermostats is support for smart room sensors, very similar to the Ecobee line. These sensors can be placed in various rooms to detect occupants and prevent cold and hot zones.

These sensors will prioritize rooms based on its people detection capabilities. Up to 20 sensors can be added to cover up to 200 feet of your home.

Honeywell smart thermostat
Honeywell smart thermostat

From the get-go, these smart thermostats support both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for voice control and automation setup, though they noticeably lack HomeKit. HomeKit debuted early on in the Honeywell Lyric thermostat and Residio says HomeKit is planned in the T9 and T10 Pro by years end.

Both thermostats will available in North America this Spring. The T9 will run $199 and the T10 Pro can be purchased through authorized contractors.

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    aizmovaizmov Posts: 989member
    Residio was spun off from Honeywell last year, but was allowed to continue using the Honeywell brand for some time (not sure for how long exactly).
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    Useless Message PosterUseless Message Poster Posts: 3unconfirmed, member
    And It's Resideo...
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    saareksaarek Posts: 1,129member
    Now I know how the Windows Mobile people felt. Sucks being on a platform with little support in the smart home space.

    Amazon Alexa first, Google second and Apple as a sometime afterthought.
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    I don’t want a “smart home” if it includes a free proctology exam.

    Internet of Things isn’t Internet of Needs

    Automating watering your grass has been around for 30+ years.  Lights have had motion sensors for 20 years (?)

    Secutity systems?  Notoriously unsecure... videos end up on the Internet.

    I prefer the security system you can pet.
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    jbdragonjbdragon Posts: 2,119member
    saarek said:
    Now I know how the Windows Mobile people felt. Sucks being on a platform with little support in the smart home space.

    Amazon Alexa first, Google second and Apple as a sometime afterthought.
    Ecobee is the better unit anyway. But I'm seeing a lot of devices and news from CES of Homekit support. Apple throws a lot of things out there and then sits back and expect things to just magically happen. Apple seems more focused on making as much profit at possible and not on hardware, let alone selling at a reasonable price point. You can make a good profit without trying to rape people. Yet that seems to be all Apple is about these days. I don't want to go Android, but I sure with there was a good 3rd option.
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    "By years end." Sure. Maybe saying what year would have helped?
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    M68000M68000 Posts: 72member
    Maybe a bit off topic - BUT,  my pet peeve is thermostats that don't have a fan control function.  This seems to be a feature that is not available on most thermostats.  I want to be able to programmatically set the fan to go on/off.   Why can't this feature become standard with today units full of tech.
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    I got a good deal on an Ecobee 3 right before Christmas, looking forward to getting it installed. Got it primarily because it was reviewed as the best HomeKit compatible thermostat. I've really enjoyed getting into HomeKit stuff, Philips Hue lights have been a lot of fun, plus there's nothing better than telling Siri you're going to bed and having all the lights shut off. We've got a smart lock on the back door which is really nice, aside from the fact that our door shifts in the winter ... so it's pretty dumb for part of the year, but if you forget your keys you can still tell it to unlock and pull the handle out to line things up properly. I also got a Ring door bell because they promised HomeKit support, though I'm regretting that choice because it turns out Amazon bought them shortly after so they seem to be actively avoiding putting in HomeKit support. I can live with that, but I won't recommend their product to anyone else if they don't do HomeKit support this year.
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    Ok, I'm puzzled. How does having a sensor in every room prevent hot/cold spots without making the other rooms warmer or cooler? Does everyone have zoned ductwork or splits? If I turn up my 2nd floor thermostat, every room on the 2nd floor gets warmer. Same for cooling. Without other controls for heating cooling each room, again, how does a sensor prevent different temps in individual rooms?
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