iMac 17" vs. PowerBook 17" Production Costs...

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I remember reading somewhere before that the actual cost for Apple to fabricate the new iMacs is higher than its PowerBook line. And with the Aluminum enclosures, assembly should be even cheaper for PowerBooks (once the dies are set, just crank out the cases). Is the cost of production on the PowerBooks really so much more expensive than the iMacs -- I know there are other factors -- i.e., different processor, L3 cache, etc. But is Apple just striving to keep their high-end portables at a "conspicuously consumptive" level for the sake of just that?

(The price on the 17" PB is certainly reasonable, don't get me wrong, but with this new iMac rev., it becomes questionable...)


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    Well, I'm not manufacturing or component pricing expert, but generally smaller (laptop-sized) components are MORE expensive (I assume this to be because of tighter tolerances in manufacturing).
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