The Natives are Restless Tonight

in General Discussion edited January 2014
Wow, what a day. New iMacs and eMacs. On the surface everything looks normal. Apple releases yet another product upgrade. Press coverage is, as one expect, dense. And the overall mainstream reception to the news are more or less positive.

Take a look under the surface and the picture is, to say the least, different. The tone at the many mac-forums is decisively negative. To my unscientific calibrated eyes the overall ratio looks something like 7 negative, 2 neutral and 1 positive.

In fact, the negative response generated today is by a long shot worse than those received when Apple last spring, at MacWorld Tokyo, announced a $100 price increase on the then newly introduced iMacs.

Why? Expectations to high? Sure, but then again they always are. Maybe a good night sleep and some prudent reflections can make things look a little better tomorrow? Sure hopes so, because if they aren't, Apple might have a bigger problem on their hands than a bunch of whining, spoiled maclots.

People vote with their wallet, and the result won't be in for some time, but in the meantime, I wonder if Apple actually gives a damn about what's going on with the natives in all these treads?
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