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[quote] *The next update on deck appears to be the iMac and eMac lines, but there is much continued doubt as to when Apple will be able to clear out existing supplies of both models. The predicted specs continue to center around 1GHz processors for the high-end iMac (900MHz is probable for the eMac), Firewire 800, 4X Superdrives, Airport Extreme and Bluetooth support, and a move to 17-inch displays for most iMac models. Timing, as described above, is not very clear -- but presently we are looking at the 6-8 week timeframe.<hr></blockquote>

Posted Saturday Feb. 1st.

Does Meader or whoever that runs that site ust make stuff up now? 6-8 week timeframe?

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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,261member
    It's laughable that they actually beg for that they can concentrate on writing MORE crap like that.

    How can they run that site with a straight face is beyond me.
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    Though slightly more on target, I wouldn't consider AI's spotty coverage entirely factual either.
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