Afib detected

in Apple Watch
Hello all,
im new here, and wanted to share my experience. I am 43 years old and I am a student pilot. I was supposed to have a flight with a check airman today before my checkride. This of course create a lot of stress, added on top of studying stress. Last night I had a strange feeling in my chest, and I immediately started an ecg. I had to capture what was going on. I got the yellow afib message. Of course more stress was now added, because this is potentially can end a career as a pilot. Today I sent the ecg to my dr who told me it was normal sinus rhythm, and was only a premature atrial contraction (PAC) which can come and go with or without stress. Please learn from my experience, don’t freak out and look at the big picture. Afib has other symptoms, and always confirm with your dr. Don’t search online like I did, because it can add more stress, and aggravate the situation. This is a double edge sword, and always consult your dr. Take good care. 

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