How do you position your PowerBook?

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I just bought a TiBook and, while waiting on it, I am thinking about other accessories for it in terms of heat dissipation and maintaining the screen's cleanliness. Have any of you used a sort of "podium" or riser for your 'book while having it on a desk? (e.g., the iCurve clear stand for notebooks, PodiumPad by Road Tools, Travel Coolpad, LapBottom). Right now the best comination looks like the iCurve for the desk and the LapBottom for travel/lap/bed use. I figure I should go ahead and get an OWC or JRHill leather screen protector -- this is both my first TiBook and G4-powered computer after all.


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    why can't dorks just put a computer on a table?
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    A piece of paper works as a screen protector for me (all it needs to do is prevent the screen from touching the keys) and I put a large book on my lap if it starts to get uncomfortably warm. I totally understand the urge to go out and spend even more money on 'pampering' your powerbook (I brought an overpriced Brenthaven backpack for mine as soon as I received the email saying it had shipped), but I think you'd be better off saving your money for additional RAM (assuming that you didn't max out) or software.

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    Nice people in these parts...This is my FIRST TiBook - my FIRST ever G4 computer, and I saved the money for it. I want it to last more than two years, and from what I hear, having some sort of elevation to help the machine dissipate heat when its in heavy use on a desk cannot do anything but help.

    Thanks so much.
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    oh, and I bought a used machine that has 768MB RAM and an Airport card pre-installed, and I have all the software I need -- I run OSX.2 on my Pismo.
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    I have the Podium CoolPad for mine and it makes typing MUCH more comfortable, in addition to letting the bottom get some air to keep things cool. The nice thing is you can change the tilt by swapping out the risers in the back. And it can be packed away easily if you're taking it do work on the road.
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