Sync'ing iCloud Notes to an Android Device

in iCloud edited January 2019

I had an app from a small German outfit that did a nice job of sync'ing all my Notes notes from the desktop Mac without me having to pay attention to it.

Then Sierra broke it because Apple because avaricious psychopaths at this cult need me to spend more on a phone than I've spent on most every car I've ever driven.

Not gonna happen McGee. I'd rather carry stone tablets than walk around with an iPhone. They sound crappy, are obscenely overpriced, and are manufactured by people who seem to enjoy making them so much they throw themselves to their deaths with increasing regularity in a country that hasn't seen an honest election ever as far as I can tell and where forming unions can get you killed.

No thanks.

Anyone have a solution that doesn't involve synching my whole life to Google applications where I can be subject to data rape out of an Orwell novel?

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