Apple got tablets right, and created a whole new market with the iPad



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    dewmedewme Posts: 2,197member

    shrave10 said:
    The article misses the point of the current state of iPad all together.  Who really cares if Apple got iPad right?  The market they were going after has already been conquered, saturated, and now declining.  We are at 4 years of declining sales in this category that "Apple got right".  It's time for the iPad to branch out and target other markets such as by adding mouse support and going after new productivity markets where it is not reaching at present.
    Even if it were true that iPad revenue were declining, that in no way implies that Apple did not get tablets right. They surely did, and generate very large revenue from it. There's not a tablet market, there's an iPad market. They nailed it and it resonated with users in a big way. Will it sustain growth forever? I'm not sure that anything does.
    Great post. The iPad got so many things so right that it created no incentive for the cloners to get any meaningful (profitable) market share. There's only so much you can do to dress up a slab of glass, so the functionality has to be near perfect. The many clones and cheap knock-offs may look like an iPad but they have no way to hide the fact that they are far inferior in most every way. All of the cloners have access to R&D labs and can read all of the opinioneering happening in online forums. They could easily add a mouse pointer, overlapping windows, full file system , and many of the so-called "missing features" that are supposedly crippling the iPad to their clones and eat Apple's lunch - can't they? Why haven't they?

    Maybe Steve Jobs and the iPad team at Apple got it very right when they decided what functionally should be in the iPad - and what functionality should not be in the iPad. Steve knew how to say "no" even when many others were trying to convince him to say "yes." That's a good quality in a leader, and look what came of it.
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    rwx9901rwx9901 Posts: 87member
    I bought two ipads over the years and I'll be honest I've not used them in well over two years.  I have no use for them.  I pretty much use my PC and my iPhone XS Max for just about everything.
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    flydog said:

    Soli said:

     | kəmˈpyo͞odər |
    an electronic device for storing and processing data, typically in binary form, according to instructions given to it in a variable program.
    • a person who makes calculations, especially with a calculating machine.
    There's no need to be obtuse. The common meaning of the word "computer" is not a phone or tablet, even though those devices literally fit within the dictionary meaning. A microwave fits the definition as well.
    No, because the primary use case (job to be done) of a microwave is to heat food, not store and process data. Try again. 
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    I bought a launch day iPad. Can't believe that was so long ago. Thanks for the memories.

    I use my iPad all the time, but don't envision it replacing my MacBook. It isn't that it isn't a capable device, but the way I use my macbook is different. And I have both. I can remove a bolt with a pair of pliers, and this doesn't mean I don't have a use for a set of box wrenches.

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    rwx9901 said:
    I bought two ipads over the years and I'll be honest I've not used them in well over two years.  I have no use for them.  I pretty much use my PC and my iPhone XS Max for just about everything.
    Reading and writing on the sofa on an iphone sounds dreadful. 
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    BxBornBxBorn Posts: 63member
    no argument here, nothing comes close to the iPad in the tablet market. I could flip back and forth between Apple and Samsung for a phone but nothing beats an iPad. Admittedly, I didn't warm up to the new Pro right away (I've been rocking the first Pro since the day it came out) but, the new one is pretty damn nice - I don't think I've picked up my Mac book since I upgraded my iPad.
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    tzeshantzeshan Posts: 2,048member
    This article did not mention Google Android or Chrome tablets. 
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