IBM p97 vs. ViewSonic p/g95+

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I am replacing a large LCD screen with a smaller, cheaper CRT display (long story - different thread - musn''t - bother with - details.

I have read through lots of reviews about CRT monitors, but would really like specifics on these two monitors from anyone who has one.

I am a web designer, so graphics are important, but text quality is a huge must also (so really the best of both worlds is what I am looking for ). Like I said I am coming from an LCD so I am used to sharp text - I get a splitting headache relatively quickly if it isn't sharp.

I took the plunge and bought a Samsung 900NF and was horribly disturbed :eek: Text quality was horrendous. I screwed with the monitor controls for hours because I just couldn't believe it was that blurry and it wasn't just the settings screwed up.

I sent it back today. So now I am down to two other monitors and would like thoughts. The IBM p97 and the ViewSonic (p or g)95+. Both of these seem to get good reviews (I live in bum-#$!@# and can't find anywhere near to try them in person).

I had a ViewSonic years ago and thought it was a great monitor - good sharpness, great image quality. It kept blowing up though, so instead of getting it fixed for the third time, I ditched it.

I must say also that brightness is a big plus - I hear the 95+ is really bright - almost to a fault.

Also - ViewSonic says the P is for "professionals" and the g is for "graphics". So which one is actually better all around? Does the g sacrifice text quality for better graphics quality?

Thanks for any help.

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    [quote]It kept blowing up though...<hr></blockquote>

    Yeah, that would make me consider choosing another one as well.

    A buddy has the ViewSonic, and it is quite bright. Nothing a little adjusting and 5 seconds of your time can't solve though. It's a nice monitor - pretty sharp text too.
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