4K versus 2K & Adobe RGB versus sRGB

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Hello all...

 I'm in the market to purchase a new monitor. I have only ever bought Apple Monitors so I have been doing extensive research and now I'm being told 27" and Adobe RGB is the only way to go for my business type.

I'm an old school graphic designer, I do logo design, brochure design, signage design with some lite Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro X usage. I have a MacPro 12 Core -Mid 2010 (2 x 2.93 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon) and I recently upgraded to a Sapphire RX580 8GB PULSE Graphics Card so I could run macOS Mojave.

I currently have a two screen setup: QTY 1 x Apple 30" Cinema Display plus QTY 1 x Apple Cinema LED Display (Not Thunderbolt). My main screen, the 27" giving me intermittent black out issues that are annoying more than anything, it can happen many times a day... or just once or twice and with a very helpful app called Display Maid, my window locations all get restored to normal without issue which has been a huge help.

I settled on the BenQ PD3200 as it had great specs for a great price... but last night I was informed that without Adobe RGB I was really not buying the correct product, so I started looking around and the options are baffling.

These are the latest two that I have selected:-



Should I be as hung up about 4K instead of my current 2K monitors... and is having 100% Adobe RGB a must for my type of work.

The more I research the more confusing it gets. I used to just buy Apple as I trusted them, but with this fault 27", I'm thinking I should try a standalone brand, but which one..? :)

Factor in the fact the new MacPro 2019 is on the way... with a possible new standalone Apple Monitor... I', not sure if I should go all out on the budget... maybe a reasonable stop gap monitor that will get me on for another 2 years or would be perfect.


Any comments... most welcome... :)



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    My daily key apps that I use are: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Lightroom, QuarkXpress 2018. The main work that I do is logo design work, brochure design work, bespoke signage design, large format design, PowerPoint template design, Web Design, light Final Cut Pro X and Adobe After Effects.
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