How to manage Photos library with multiple clients, eg husband and wife

in Mac Software
We all take pictures with our phones or cameras at parties, family gatherings, vacations, festivals, etc. If you have a family/partner, if you are like me you would rather that all the pictures from a given event get stored in a single library, rather than in separate libraries. I don't see a good way to do this other than manually, where one person would own all the photos and your partner would export and share any photos with the owner. That would technically work, but it is burdensome and inconvenient. What happens now is that each of us have Photos libraries which is the worst of both worlds. Not only are some of the pictures likely similar to others in the partner's library, but if you ever want to pick some photos to share with someone, you have to look in multiple libraries on multiple computers to get the ideal set of pictures to share. 

It would be great if all photos in a family/group could be stored in a common library, or if there was functionality built by apple or 3rd party to allow this. I would be interested in your clever process or workflow to make your family's pictures manageable. 

Some people share a single iCloud account which achieves something, but also comes with some downsides. iCloud sharing seems to be useful to share a single set of 10 or 20 pictures with someone, but it is not so good at full time sharing a single icloud account with multiple family members. 
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