Save to google drive from chrome on iPad Pro

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I am trying to save a pdf file that is opened in google chrome on google drive.  These are the steps I am trying to follow:
  1. Go to a website where I get the PDF files from
  2. After clicking on the link, I get another window open with the PDF file.
  3. I click on the button on the top right of the browser to use content in other apps.

Expected Result
I get an option to select google drive, and the PDF file should be saved there (of course after selecting the folder and so on)

Actual Result
I don’t see google drive, when I click more to find other apps, I don’t see google drive.

Is this feature supported? It is really funny that I can do this from Safari, but not from chrome! 

Thanks for your support.


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    cmd-zcmd-z Posts: 45member
    This is an old post, so maybe you figured this out.  For whatever reason Chrome for iOS does not seem to support saving to Drive, at least not in an obvious way.  I have found that if you select "Request Desktop Site" first, then when the PDF opens you should get the option to save the PDF to Drive.
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