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I'm a composer and arranger interested in the new Mac mini to replace my 2012 MacBook w/ Thunderbolt monitor. I use it to run mostly music prep. programs. (Finale and Sebelius). No recording, only printing and playback of internal instruments to preview what I've written. I would like to use the T-Bolt monitor until I can afford a new, possibly LG, monitor. Will the T-Bolt have any probs w/ T2 or anything else? I'll need an adapter,I suppose. I know these programs are kind of a glorified word processor. What kind of setup would be MORE than adequate. I'm thinking four or six core, 16GB ram, 512GB SSD more or less. I also have a Glyph 7200 rpm drive i'd need to use occasionally. Would external storage be better? (SSD) Thanx
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