How to set the iMac apart and attract a bigger spectrum?

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I?ve got a iMac DV 400 Lime. Though I cherish it like a child, there are some things that could be added to the new iMac (II) that would really attract a broader market. The reason I?ve opened a new thread is because all the other treads on the new iMac focus on design and marketing. All that aside, (slot loading vertically from top would be better then side) I?m a student and I think that what is needed is an all-in-one machine. Here are the features I would want to see without a large jump in price ($300 more MAX!):

AV inputs and outputs and/or a TV tuner card ? video editing for those of us who can?t buy a DV camera. And the out so one can connect a TV.

Radio feature without connecting to the internet ? cool, but only for those of us without radios and only 56k (student?s in dorms are always moving, less crap to carry around is better)

Coaxial input ? hooking cable directly to the computer so that it would double as a TV (save on the price of buying your kids or yourself a TV). An internal cable modem would be cool to and perhaps an option.

Bigger monitor ? self explanatory!

Improved speakers ? or a sub that?s got everything in it! Sound is important, the idea of all-in-one is defeated when everybody goes out and buys speakers anyway.

6 or more usb ports and none on the keyboard ? the keyboard looks like shit with all those wires handing off it. More ports are needed because people are buying more and more peripherals

Cordless mouse, optical, 2 buttons, and optical scroll wheal (I?m not sure if it?s invented yet but it?d be cool) -

BIG hard drive ? they are cheep, I?d say 60gigs would be a minimum.

More RAM ? 256 min, again it?s cheep apple, throw it in.

Modem, Ethernet card ? same old, same old. Perhaps the modem input could also work for an internal ADSL modem if pre specified.

2 firewire ports... Or more!

PCI slots would be nice

VGA still

Audio in and out of course ( though they will try and phase them out too), optical jack, and the new one (what ever the hell it is) on the current iBooks.

DV drive (or super) - this would go with the all in one theme, using your TV to watch movies. (I do all the time as a student). If I don?t say something some one will so, CDRW would be good too (perhaps two drives... Would it be cheaper then the super drive?)

Headphone jacks ? they are good.

GOOD graphics card

Good processor - (it?s a given)

Lastly, for this dream computer, a competitive price.

All-in-one is the way of the future!


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    emaneman Posts: 7,204member
    All I have to say is most of that is not going to happen.
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    I realize that we arn't going to see anything like this.. What I am saying is that to set itself apart from the competition these are the kind of options they have to start offering. Software and OS's arn't enough anymore, revolutionary hardware packages are needed to change consumers buying habits.
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    What they need to release is a headless imac with a form factor similar to the ibook (but larger). I know tons of enthusiasts who would buy a mac if they could get their gloves on one for ~599.

    Edit: unfortunately the pricing for the components you mentioned is just way too high..
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    macgregormacgregor Posts: 1,434member
    The pricing structure for all of that moves it away from the consumer to the prosumer, but there are some real important ideas there too.

    Specifically, if the iMac is for the consumer, you have to have analog audio capability. That is the consumer, they are people not like us talking about USB this and that. If Apple would push the envelope with the prosumer models, it needs to push ACCESSIBILITY with the consumer ones.

    So standard TV tuner makes sense, RCA audio to stereo makes sense, even a touchscreen makes sense. An iMac needs good optical drive choices, but doesn't need PCI slots.

    The next iMac should basically be like the first Cubes with easier I/O connections and a good price with one model down around $500.
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    amorphamorph Posts: 7,112member
    [quote]f Apple would push the envelope with the prosumer models, it needs to push ACCESSIBILITY with the consumer ones.<hr></blockquote>

    Unfortunately, if Apple doesn't push the envelope with the consumer models, it won't budge.
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