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I am in the market for an iMac. I had a 27" that I loved, but it was too big really for my workspace and I didn't need all that screen. So I sold it (having got it at discount), aware I could get a new 21" for about the same. I'd assumed a new one would be released at the event in the autumn but nothing. I am also aware in all AI's reports the repeat mention of no chatter suggesting a new iMac is imminent. So my question is: should I bite the bullet and get a 21" now or should I wait, at least until WWDC, to see if it will finally get the update then?


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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,369member
    I'm holding out til next year.    I dislike the form factor of the current iMac.    My iMac should last another year and then I can start looking for a replacement.   I've got to have thin-bezel design and Face ID or I'm not touching it. 
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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 33,407member
    I’ll be getting the new one just released. As usual, the internal hard drive offerings are insanely out of whack with industry pricing, but it’s time for me to bite the bullet and get a new system.
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    I would really like to have Face ID on my next Mac.  Security is such an issue for everyone and most people I know only use 1 or 2 passwords on all sites; a disaster waiting to happen!!!  Face ID works great on the iPhone.  I wonder why Apple has not integrated it into the iMac.
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    marzetta7marzetta7 Posts: 1,323member
    I'd like to see the new 6K dimensions into a new iMac, but I fear Apple will make it only available in the iMac Pro (at least at first) range at an astronomical price point.
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