iPhone charging problem... Apple store has no idea...

in Genius Bar
New member, first post...  iPhone 7, approx 2 years old. iPhone all of the sudden won't charge on any charger in house or vehicle. Other iPhones in home charge fine. Go to Verizon store, tech plugs it in and it charges fine. Go back to car, won't charge, back inside, again charges without issue. Go home, no chargers work. Back to store, same charger works, no other charger in store works. Go to Apple "geniuses" at Apple store, they say there is no reason or explanation, say I need a new phone or just charge it at Verizon. Apparently, the one charger at Verizon that works is an old cord from an early iPad. Is there any difference in the early cords or any difference in the dimensions of the cord plug? Is it possible that different legs were used at one time that only an old cord may have that a new one might not? We've tried Apple cords as well as aftermarket and only the one old cord will work and it works every time without fail... Help.
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