Bill payment app doxo adds Apple Pay option to pay 45,000 services

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Popular bill-payment service doxo has added Apple Pay as an option for users to make payments to companies, enabling Apple's mobile payment platform to pay household bills and other fees for more than 45,000 billers.

Apple Pay support added to doxo
Apple Pay support added to doxo

The doxo app and website act as an all-in-one solution for paying bills, connecting accounts together into one place and allowing users to see all of their recurring bills in one location. Users can make payments by selecting the biller, entering the amount, and to select a bank account or credit or debit card.

For Thursday's announcement, the company has added Apple Pay as another option for consumers. The change offers more security to users, by limiting access to their financial data to just Apple, while on the user side, it only requires Face ID or Touch ID to authenticate a payment.

Apple Pay is also extremely easy to use as a payment option as it doesn't require adding any extra credit, debit, or bank details to the app.

There are more than 45,000 billers in the doxo service that can be paid such as AT&T, State Farm, Chase, and many more that don't already have Apple Pay as an option.

Apple has been rumored to be launching a credit card service of its own, partnering with Goldman Sachs. The Apple credit card would integrate tightly within iOS, particularly the Wallet application. Reports have pegged Apple as have been testing rings -- similar to those used in the Activity app -- to help track spending from right within Wallet rather than in a separate app.

Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon is also been said to attend Apple's upcoming media event at Steve Jobs Theater, further fueling speculation.


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    I’m happy to see this. The guy I had clean my gutters last year runs a fairly small operation but has online bill pay with Apple Pay as an option. So great. I hope more of the smaller businesses I use get an Apple Pay option soon. 
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    GeorgeBMacGeorgeBMac Posts: 5,321member
    I use the bill pay service from my bank -- I don't know which payment processor they use.   But (knock on wood) it works!

    A major benefit is that I can schedule payments to happen automatically whenever I want them.  Initially I used it for recurring payments that don't change -- like my cable bill.   But eventually I added all of my bills - including utilities.   So, now I just send the gas company $75 a month all year round -- so that even helps with budgeting.   All I do when the bill comes is open it and check it to make sure everything is in order.  The only bills not fully automated are my credit cards -- but I even have it sending them a a few dollars on the first of each month just to eliminate late charges in case I screw up paying their actual bill.

    A side benefit is:  If I get sick or hurt and can't pay bills for a few months, I have no real worries.  Except for a handful few (like doctor's bill's that I can't predict) everything is pretty well covered and paid automatically.

    This service is free to me -- and the bank makes out because they send most payments as ACH transactions which is far cheaper for them than processing checks.
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    macguimacgui Posts: 1,529member
    I'm completely unfamiliar with doxo, and use my bank for bill pay. It generally works well, but is limited in the number of my payees that can receive an electronic payment vs a physical one.

    If another method can reach more vendors and use Apple Pay, it may be worth my time to do some research. 
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