Apple debuts subscription 'Apple News+' integrating magazines & other publications

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At Apple's "its show time" event, Apple has debuted a paid news subscription called "Apple News+" integrating traditional magazines into Apple News. The service launches in the US for $9.99 per month and in Canada for $12.99 today, with other countries to follow.

The service, previously rumored to be called "Apple News Magazines", costs $9.99 per month in the US ($12.99 in Canada) and ships with the entire catalog that it has been hosting after the Texture purchase. In a similar way to how it introduces Apple Music, Apple is offering a free trial of Apple News+ for one month.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that presently, over 5 billion stories have been read on Apple News, making it the number one new app ever created.

"We wanted to create the best reading experience ever on a mobile device," said Apple's Vice President of Applications, Roger Rosner. "Apple News+ will bring over 300 titles."

Apple News+ on Apple devices. (Source: Apple)
Apple News+ on Apple devices. (Source: Apple)

Those titles include a mixture of magazines and newspapers. Rosner revealed that "the country's largest newspaper and a rising star, the LA Times" is part of the service. "I'm super-proud to announce that Apple News+ also includes one of the world's top newspapers, the Wall Street Journal," he said. It will also include 30 French-language titles.

"There has literally never been an offer like this before," he continued. "If you were to subscribe to all of these it would cost you $8,000." The new Apple News+ subscription will be $9.99 per month and it's the same cost for individuals or via family sharing.

"Apple News+ provides a perfect platform for our expanded coverage of news, analysis and opinion," said Norman Pearlstine, executive editor of Los Angeles Times, in a press release from Apple. "We share a world vision that is informed by our California roots and by our common commitment to innovation and excellence."

Similarly, Conde Nast's president and CEO, Bob Sauerberg, says Apple News+ is helping publishers progress. "We're constantly innovating how we connect with our audiences and bring them the content they crave on the platforms they use every day," he said. "Apple News+ represents an exciting opportunity to bring a premium experience to millions more readers, so they can enjoy the conversation-shifting journalism, influential points of view and unparalleled visual storytelling they've come to expect from our brands."

Rosner noted that Apple News+ will not allow advertisers to track your reading choices.

Range of titles and issues

Other notable magazines available at launch include The Atlantic, Better Homes & Gardens, Conde Nast Traveller, Esquire and Vanity Fair. Alongside print magazines and newspapers, the service will also contain online-only titles such as theSkimm, New York Magazine's Vulture, and The Highlight by Vox.

Readers will always be able to read the current issue of any title but, where available, they will also have access to back issues.

Apple's Wyatt Mitchell demonstrates Apple News+
Apple's Wyatt Mitchell demonstrates Apple News+

Rosner brought up Wyatt Mitchell, Apple's Director of Application Design to demonstrate the service. "Apple News + makes the experience of diving into an issue fun," said Mitchell. "It's like having National Geographic designed for my phone."

Not Apple's first News rodeo

The newly updated news and magazines subscription service that Apple has launched is just the most recent of a series of attempts to make News a profitable part of the business. Back in 2011, the company introduced a subscription service called Newsstand with the then-new iOS 5. Looking and acting very similarly to the way iBooks worked, you would have a virtual shelf with new issues of magazines you had bought.

Initially, Newsstand appeared to be a success with publishers like Conde Nast reporting that it had radically increased its sales of digital issues. However, it ultimately failed to take off and was increasingly ignored, even by Apple which officially kept it running until iOS 9 in 2015. At that point, Apple introduced a completely new app called Apple News.

Tellingly, when Apple's Craig Federighi announced Apple News in 2015, he completely omitted to mention Newsstand, and said only that the company had been wanting to produce a news app for many years. The Apple News app was released for iOS in the US on September 16 that year.

A few weeks later on October 21, 2015, Apple News expanded to work in Australia and the UK. It then continued to roll out to further countries but not always permanently.

The next move for Apple News was in March 2018 when Apple's Eddy Cue revealed that the company had bought Texture.

Texture was a company, app and service that allowed readers to subscribe to magazines in what was referred to as the Netflix model. For $9.99 per month, you had access to all of the magazines in the service.

That $9.99 got you this access on Macs, iOS and Windows but Apple shut down the Windows part of the service in July 2018.

Just ahead of that shutdown, Apple made the first significant update to Apple News since its launch. Alongside other apps including Home and Stocks, Apple brought the iOS version of Apple News to the Mac. It was the start of what Apple called a multi-year plan to enable other developers to adapt their iOS apps for the Mac.


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    riverkoriverko Posts: 168member
     B) curious if more countries get news or if still i will be able to buy the printed magazine but not have its digital version... waiting waiting :) 
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    ElCapitanElCapitan Posts: 372member
    Big MEH for Europe and the rest of the world. – As expected. 
  • Reply 3 of 40
    riverkoriverko Posts: 168member
    ... computer says NO... europe ignored again...
    edited March 2019 lostkiwi
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    DAalsethDAalseth Posts: 2,567member
    Very surprised, and pleased that Canada is included from day one.
    That said, pass. I don't read $10 worth of magazines in a year. Even throwing in top flight newspapers, I just wouldn't use it enough to warrant the monthly charge.
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    jumejume Posts: 207member
    No-one will spent 10$ subscription for magazines  :(. Common apple whats wrong with you...

    Give me option to but individual issues for 20 cents, then you will sell bunch!
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    STCSTC Posts: 2unconfirmed, member
    I already spend $10 a month for New York Times and Washington Post. Until both of those are included in News+ I will not be a subscriber. 
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    The old Texture app had two pricing tiers, with a premium version that added weekly magazines. Are the weekly's included in this price, I wonder?
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    garrymgarrym Posts: 7member
    I pay $24.98 per month for The Star and Wall Street Journal. Good content is worth money. I will definitely switch as long as WSJ is included in Canada. 
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    shahhet2shahhet2 Posts: 149member
    If this include actual WSJ subscription, then it's good.
    But as per the some comments from WSJ, "The available Journal content will include general ‘news, politics and lifestyle’ but business and finance news will be de-prioritized."
    If that just means no business news but more like politics news/lifestyle, then I don't subscribe to WSJ for that.
    Let's see.
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    Nobody wants this shit 
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    Maybe they will finally fix the damn News app in IOS. What an amazingly buggy piece of garbage. How is it possible that Apple can produce a first-party app that doesn't get *scrolling* right? It's like they never actually used the app themselves. Or even tested it.
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    MisterKitMisterKit Posts: 464member
    I’ll certainly give it a trial and see how it fits. I somehow manage now without it but I do love to read.
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    hawksehawkse Posts: 28member
    Yaaaawwwwn. About as interesting as the weather. Doomed.
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    technotechno Posts: 735member
    We must not lose touch with reality. Content costs money to create. 
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    This doesn’t interest me one bit.  I do a bunch of reading, but it’s not from newspapers.  The kind that I do is more technical.  Or novels.  I wouldn’t be subscribing to any of these news outlets let alone this.  I’m not their target.  My guess this is more for people who are interested with politics, stocks, social stuff, etc.  Not really my cup of tea, but I’m sure apple did their research and they know how many of their customers would use this.  Im just 1 in almost a billion iOS devices...
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    racerhomie3racerhomie3 Posts: 1,252member
    garrym said:
    I pay $24.98 per month for The Star and Wall Street Journal. Good content is worth money. I will definitely switch as long as WSJ is included in Canada. 
    Me too. I am going in for mainly the WSJ.
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    stourquestourque Posts: 360member
    If you buy 2 magazines a month, this is worth it. I used subscribe to Texture and read about 5-10 magazines a month. The difference between texture and newsstand was texture included all the magazines. Newsstand required separate subscriptions for each magazine.
    edited March 2019 watto_cobra
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    chasmchasm Posts: 2,611member
    Given that a SINGLE ISSUE of a SINGLE MAGAZINE can cost up to $10, this is definitely something I’ll be checking out. Obviously it will need more publishers to climb on board to reach critical mass, but I predict it will catch on fast with readers of business/finance, political, and in-depth journalism readers.

    The things that the haters above are forgetting are a) not reading or being well-informed and being proud of being ignorant is exactly how society got into the mess its in right now, b) your butthurt about a mag you’re interested in not being there yet will probably be moot in a year, and c) if it’s not for you after giving it an honest try/open mind, that’s fine. But the rest of the world doesn’t revolve around you or your dumbass snap judgements, thank heavens.

    That’s probably why you’re not and never will be a CEO of anything.
    edited March 2019 randominternetpersontmayMisterKitfotoformatwatto_cobra
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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 23,509member
    garrym said:
    I pay $24.98 per month for The Star and Wall Street Journal. Good content is worth money. I will definitely switch as long as WSJ is included in Canada. 
    Me too. I am going in for mainly the WSJ.
    Is it confirmed accurate yet that that the WSJ's strength, business and finance news reporting, won't be on display all that much in the Apple version?

    Instead mostly general news and such? That might explain why they've signed up while other big newspapers declined. From the Wall Street Journal's perspective it might actually make sense, give you a taste in the Apple News subscription, but for full flavor you need to subscribe to the WSJ directly. They don't really lose existing subscribers altogether but hopefully end up with more direct subscribers outside of Apple News for the full newspaper version where it's far more profitable. 
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    entropysentropys Posts: 3,788member
    jume said:
    No-one will spent 10$ subscription for magazines  :(. Common apple whats wrong with you...

    Give me option to but individual issues for 20 cents, then you will sell bunch!
    To paraphrase a greater man than this lot, “all Apple executives’ friends are Larry Ellison”
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