Old App Version?

in iPhone

Hello. I was hoping someone could help with me a issue I am having on my iPhone. I am sorry if this isn’t the place to ask. 

I had an app called “Downloads” that was very important for me. It allowed me to download videos directly from YouTube and other sites so when I was at work and did not have good connection, I could play seamlessly because it was downloaded to my iPhone. 

As most people know, Apple does not really want to allow that so they made the developers take that feature off in a update. So for years, I never updated it. Today, I made a mistake by having my phone in my pocket unlocked and crazily enough, all while in my pocket it went to the App Store and then updated the app. So I can no longer download anything.

My question is there ANY way I could get the old version back? I know it used to be a way on your computer as long as you did not update the app on the computer. I have not did that. I also found a very old iPod touch that has the old version on there as well. I was hoping someone out there knew a way to get the old version back on my current phone?

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