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Hi thank you for stopping by.

Ive tried searching for a response to my questions.  No look solar.

  1. I have a iPhone X ... a MacBook ... & iPad Pro 11 inch, Im also getting the iWatch over  the next few days.
  2. As I'm sure you can imagine i have collected a fair few photos on my iPhone mostly around 1000 to be precise
  3. What I want to do is upload the photos from my phone to iCloud and then delete them from my phone - i don't want to loose the photos i just want them to be secure on the cloud ??
  4. im doing something wrong as it says they will be removed in 18 days ...  

Ive used google to back up my pictures the ones from my phone i just don't understand how it works.  Where are they floating around cyber space.

If someone  could tell me the best way to back up photos and what settings have to be what way ... I will be forever grateful.

Looking forward to heart from you all soon


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    sphericspheric Posts: 2,092member
    iCloud photos works very well for me, but the concept is that all photos are available everywhere, synchronised.this means that when you delete them from one device, they will disappear from all others, as well. 

    If you tick „optimise iPhone storage“ in the iCloud settings, the full-resolution photos will be removed from the phone if you need space, and only re-downloaded on demand, when you look at the photo or try to edit it. 

    The photos will still all show up in the library, but only preview images will be on the phone until you load the original. 
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