Getting more excited by Marzipan

in Mac Software
Hearing that more and more apps will make the Marzipan transition gives me hope.  I've found that anytime Apple "dogwoods" their technology it's going to receive enough attention and active development.  When Apple doesn't (i.e Game Center) utilize their own technology the features and performance lag.   Marzipan will be battle tested over the next few iterations of iOS/Mac OS or should we say AppKit and UIKit?  

What I'm looking for at WWDC that hasn't been rumored yet  

Marzipan Shortcuts App 
Marzipan Files App 
Marzipan Testflight App 
Marzipan Apple Support App 

I know some will say "Files App is just a view of your iCloud Documents folder"  but I think future versions of the Files app could stray away from Finder (Folder) view paradigms and give us a more comprehensive and extensible way of viewing our documents on iOS and Mac 

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