What next for MacBook?

in Future Apple Hardware
Following the intro of the new MacBook Air I know several of you have said you'd like Apple to kill off the MacBook, or replace it with an ARM machine. However, I love my current MacBook. I love the light weight and the slim form factor and, for me, the difference between under 1kg and the MacBook Air is significant when I'm lugging it around all day, often with books. I'd love to see an update with new processor, Touch ID (if that's the given for authentication on Macs) and possibly a second USB C port. Also I'd like at least the one port to be Thunderbolt 3 compatible. Do you think it will see an update, and if so when? Seems unlikely for WWDC unless they do showcase it for the move to ARM... Unless they bump just before as with the rest of the line prior to the Apple TV+ event?
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