Japan's Seven-Eleven stores will sell Apple's own iPhone accessories

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The majority of Japan's 20,925-strong chain of Seven-Eleven convenience stores will stock official Apple iPhone accessories including cables, power adapters and EarPods.

Apple Accessories in a Japanese store. (Photo: Macotakara)
Apple Accessories in a Japanese store. (Photo: Macotakara)

Beginning on May 22, the convenience stores owned by Seven-Eleven Japan Co. are stocking a series of iPhone accessories made by Apple. It appears that this is the the first time a Japanese convenience retail chain has stocked Apple-made accessories, at least with Apple's blessing.

This is also a particularly significant move because the plan is believed to be for some 90% of the country's 20,925 stores to stock Apple items ranging from Lightning cables to EarPods.

"By selling Apple accessories at Seven-Eleven throughout the country," announced the company in a translated press release, "we will provide many customers with the convenience of being able to purchase at 'when they want,' 'immediately,' and 'nearby' stores."

The accessories will appear first in stores that are chiefly in central Japan, specifically Seven-Eleven outlets in Tokyo, the Nagano Prefecture, and the Yamanashi Prefecture. The initial release will also include the northern island of Hokkaido.

Apple Accessories in a Japanese store. (Photo: Macotakara)
Apple Accessories in a Japanese store. (Photo: Macotakara)

"We will develop a lineup of nine products in total," continues the release."In addition to audio charging accessories, Lightning cables (0.5m, 1m, 2m) of different lengths that can be used in various scenes, accessories for high-speed charge that iPhone 8 or later supports (18W USB-C power adapter and USB-C to Lightning cable."

The company does not specify a timeline or even definitively state how many stores will get the accessories, but it does specify that Apple Accessories "will gradually expand nationwide."

Japanese blog Macotakara, however, is reporting a count of stores from unnamed sources. "Around 90% of [Seven-Eleven stores] are predicted to introduce the products," it says.


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    ravnorodomravnorodom Posts: 233member
    Interesting. Maybe Lawson will be next. They are just as many as Seven-Eleven.
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    GeorgeBMacGeorgeBMac Posts: 5,146member
    Apple continues to broaden out its sales outlets rather than try to keep them centered in Apple Stores.  That's good!   It will enable the Apple stores to enhance their ability to support Apple's users and products rather than simply trying to move products from shelves to users.

    This is a win for everybody involved.   Except Ahrendts.   Bye-Bye Angela!
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    AppleExposedAppleExposed Posts: 1,520unconfirmed, member
    As it should be. Japan is rejecting the knockoffs like other countries should have.

    I still think Apple can do more with Japan.
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