How much better is XS battery life compared to X?

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Hi there. 
I’m just checking if my results are normal. 
My X loses about 20% an hour surfing MacRumours on Safari with 60% brightness. 
Videos (with speaker off) don’t drain as much. 
All in all my real world SOT is like 5-6 hrs from 100 to 0 (extrapolated) over an 8-10 hrs period. 
100% to 90% approx 1 hour. 
Thereafter a 10% drain every 30-40 minutes. With medium brightness. 
By the time I reach 60%, the SOT is 2hr 45 mins. 
My X has a new battery that was replaced in Dec 2018. I’m at 171 cycles and 99% health according to Apple, Coconut and iMazing. 
I have tried everything. DFU restore. Starting afresh. Background app refresh is off. Siri is off. Everything has been optimised. 

And I’m 110% sure it used to last at least 60-80% longer on iOS 11. 
And when I did change the battery in December, it didn’t make too much difference back then. 
But each iOS update (even minor ones) have always made battery worse for me. 
What I want to know is do current XS users get the same 5 hrs SOT or do they get 8+ hrs like I used to get on iOS 11?
I can swear it used to last 9-11 hrs of the same type of usage on iOS 11 where it's dead in 4-5 hours.
Just browsing safari at medium brightness I lose 1% every 3-4 minutes. Doing mail I lose 1% in 3 minutes or so. Doing Tinder, Insta etc I lose 1% in 2-3 minutes.
And even that's not consistent.
Sometimes I don't lose a percent in 6-7 minutes. Other times I lose 1% every minute.
But it averages to be around 3% a minute.
The battery life is insanely bad.

How’s your X or XS doing?
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