Problems with expanding batteries

in Apple Watch

Has anyone here had an issue with their AppleWatch expanding or blowing the glass off?

Sadly I’ve had terrible after service from Apple after my watch exploded while at my desk recently, they’re ducking responsibility even though it’s under warranty and loads of these watches have suffered from expanding batteries which have blown the glass clean off (but usually in one piece) it seems that because mine shattered they are saying I caused it!! Basically I’m lying according to Apple 🍎 even though I’ve found others who have suffered the same problem.

I get that Apple don’t want to accept they have a product that is faulty but a company that tries to hide issues with their product and fails to “own” their product, good bad or in between tells me they have some serious culture issues going on. 

My family have 3 watches and two have failed so far, nowhere near good enough and Apoles poor service to a customer whose family own 10 current Apple products is frankly disgusting. Those other items (laptops and iPhones) have been very good but the watches....not so much.

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