Need help with Apple update downloads!

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Just got a new iMac. Besides fiddling with my school teacher wife's old G3 once in a great while, I'm a relative newbie to Macs.

I'm trying to download a couple of the Apple software updates from their website but the downloads keep getting interrupted.

Yes, I am still in the stone ages with a dial-up and am probably (pardon the language) screwed. But now, in the interest of science, am looking at this a challenge rather than a frustration (okay, I'm an optimist by nature....)

Yes, I have disabled call waiting. Even tried to call the land lind while downloading and that did not interrupt it. So that has been tested. But every time I get back to the computer, the download has ceased. I believe the error message usually reads something about the connection being rest on the other end.

Any tips, tricks, or other suggestions I might try? Or am I just flat out of luck? Are most of those minor updates really not usually worth the trouble? Maybe just get the important ones via discs in the mail?

Would it work if my friend with a Mac and cable modem downloaded the free updates and burned them onto a CD for me to install from?

Thanks for any suggestions you might have!


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    You should try a different telephone number for your ISP. Also, use the Software Update panel in the System Preferences file. If a download times out because your were disconnected, you can pick up where you left off by simply re-opening the panel and clicking on the update you were downloading. All updates are important and should be made when they come out.
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    MacsRGood4U, thanks for the help! I'll give that a try this evening and see how it works. I appreciate the advice!
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    If you're using dial-up then I may have another fix for you

    Try <a href=""; target="_blank">iGetter</a> to grab the download.

    I have used it to update my OS (which was a VERY big download) and it worked very well.

    You can set it to auto re-connect if connection dropped or failed, auto shutdown after download, and have multiple downloads running with faster downloading overall.

    All in all, a very useful little app. and you can evaluate it until you decide its worth paying for
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