XRaid and Final Cut, Shake, etc.

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A thought on the XRaid. XRaid will be great for the XServe, but it would also be great for all the video/film apps. that Apple has under its belt. If Apple is trying to break into film market, they will need more than just a fast processor, they will need fast storage. Final Cut, Shake, MPEG-4 HD all need fast storage.


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    tinktink Posts: 395member
    I wonder if Steve intro's those XRaid storage companions with the new PowerMacs and some other video/Pro announcements.

    While I know one announcement has more focus usually, a huge focused power user announcement to reaffirm Apples commitment to the market - PowerMacs, Jagwire, XRaid, and Shake, et al.

    The complete package would be a powerful sell especially if the pro line is up to the task as I believe it will be.
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