Former Nvidia Engineers blasts his former company

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[quote] [Zardon] After working for so many years at Nvidia, how do you feel about working for ATI? Have you found the transition in anyway difficult? What are ATI like to work for?

[Richard Huddy] The transition from working at NVIDIA to working at ATI has been quite a surprise to me in a number of ways. The main comment I'd make is that working for ATI now is very much like working for NVIDIA was at the start of my time there. When I joined NVIDIA almost five years ago, as the 94th member of staff the company was shockingly impressive. At that time it was hungry for success, technically ambitious to a degree that astonished all of its competition, and really tremendously focussed on doing what needed to be done.

The surprise to me has been that ATI now has every one of those same really strong characteristics - even though it's not a start-up. It's intensely technology-led, and it is focussed on execution in a way that must simply frighten all of the other graphics chip companies.

But in spite of all that ambition - or maybe because of it - ATI still offers great opportunities to the staff inside. It's not rigid; instead it's flexible and very dynamic <hr></blockquote>

[quote][Zardon] Could you please tell us about the time when you and the co-founders of the Code Mafia left NVIDIA? Especially in the light of Nvidia's last 8 months problems and current disappointment? Did you see the forthcoming problems, wrong management decisions at the time when you left?

[Richard Huddy] NVIDIA used to be a technology company pure and simple but has recently allowed its-self to become led by marketing. To give two straightforward examples of things it has done wrong, it produced a product called the GeForce 4 MX, which is clearly a GeForce 2 class piece of hardware, and it spent almost a year too long producing the GeForce FX. The first costs the trust of buyers everywhere, and the second cost them the lead in a very competitive race.

Yes, all the Code Mafia guys could see this kind of thing happening at NVIDIA. We fought these errors from inside NVIDIA but the management didn't agree with our judgement about what was wrong - so we agreed to part company. We actually left on really good terms - but I admit that they weren't too pleased when we signed up with ATI!

But it's too easy to get buried by all the problems of the past. I'm much more motivated and excited about our future with ATI. Looking forward is very much more interesting than looking back.


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