Brydge - have I been ripped off?

in iPad edited June 14
so, having had a terrible customer service experience with the first product I ordered based on a favourable apple insider review - I now find myself extremely,worried by the second.

so I’ve been aware of Brydge for a long time but held off buying due to them not being in standard retail channels.  Luckily in the first case I mentioned above I was protected by the seller - amazon - when the product didn’t charge the AirPod charging case despite the product description and AppleInsider review saying it did.  The manufacturer wanted me to pay to send it back to Holland!

so anyway I spent £169.99 on the brydge pro keyboard as their website said in stock shipping now, and spent an extra £14 for express delivery.

five working days later the item still hasn’t even shipped and they’ve ignored two emails despite insisting they reply in 24 hours.

i emigrate in three weeks to the other side of the world so I’m now extremely worried.

what are other’s experience of them?

thanks in advance.
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