ICYMI: M&D headphones, ROLI keyboard, new Ring cams & more

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Each week, there are a ton of great products that get released that we don't have time to cover. Here are our top picks for new gear from the last seven days you should check out.

Master & Dynamic MW65 ANC headphones
Master & Dynamic MW65 ANC headphones

Master & Dynamic Studio 35 MW65 ANC Headphones

Master & Dynamic have teamed up with Kevin Durant and Studio 35 for a new Studio 35 edition of the MW65 Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones in silver metal / cool grey.

We reviewed the new ANC MW65 and were blown away by the quality -- both in the build and the audio. They are comfortable and do a great job at cancelling most audio with adjustable levels of ANC.

They are available now for $499 in the new silver metal/cool grey color scheme as well as the previously available black and tan colorways.

Ring Door View Cam

Ring has just launched a new version of its popular doorbell cam. This time instead of replacing a doorbell on the doorframe, it extends through the built-in peephole, if your door happens to have one.

Ring Door View Cam
Ring Door View Cam

By going wire-free through the peephole, it allows those in apartments or homes without doorbells to use a Ring camera with minimal installation. It is easy to install and works using a battery that needs to be charged every few months.

It is available now for $199 which is above the basic Ring Doorbell Cam but below the Pro and Elite Ring models.

Helm audio

Helm audio is announcing several new products this week including new headphones and a new in-line amp.

HELM audio TW5 True Wireless headphones
Helm audio TW5 True Wireless headphones

The new TW5 True Wireless headphones are available now on Amazon for $99 and support Bluetooth 5, six to eight hours of play time (30 hours using the charging case), and a 60-foot range.

HELM audio Boost Cable
HELM audio Boost Cable

Helm also debuted the Boost Cable which adds much-needed bass and volume to wired headphones with a dual 3.5mm cable. It is powered by the THX Achromatic Audio Amplifier and adds more bass and 12db of volume to wired headphones. It will be released this summer for $99.99.

HELM audio Studio Planar headphones
HELM audio Studio Planar headphones

Lastly, are two new headphones: the Studio Planar headphones and the Triple Driver HD SportsBand. The flagship Studio Planar headphones use custom rectangular 66mm drivers for amazing sound. The SportsBand headphones are great for workouts and feature a 25-hour battery life and magnetic earpieces that can secure around the users neck when not in use.

The Studio Planar headphones will run $349.99 and the SportsBand headphones will run $129.99 when they debut later this summer.

Roli Lumi

The musically-included Roli has taken to Kickstarter for its mot recent product -- Lumi. Lumi is a wireless midi keyboard that makes it easy to learn how to play, but is also full-featured for pros.

Roli LUMI learning keyboard
Roli LUMI learning keyboard

For beginners, it can be paired with the Lumi app on an iPad. Notes come down the screen, Guitar Hero-style. Press the keys as the notes light up the keys and helps learn the basics of playing.

Pros aren't left out either, with a wide array of pro features such as the ability to connect multiple together along with the other excellent Roli Blocks line such as Roli Lightblock that can be used to create background tracks or the Loopmaker which lets you record and create loops.

The keys don't just light up a small portion or at the top like we've seen before, instead, the entire key lights up. It has 24 keys -- two octaves -- with octave shifters for a full seven octave range. Eight magnetic connectors make it easy to snap on expansions such as additional Roli keyboards or accessories. It relies on Bluetooth 5 for a 50-foot range and will run for up to six hours on a full charge.

It can be backed on Kickstarter now with shipping slated to commence this October. Kickstarter is never a guarantee a product will make it, but Roli has been around and has an excellent track record.

Other notable releases


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    22july201322july2013 Posts: 2,658member
    Is the Ring Door View Cam compatible with HomeKit? I presume not, since I see only "works with Alexa" on the link provided.
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    mike1mike1 Posts: 2,813member
    Is the Ring Door View Cam compatible with HomeKit? I presume not, since I see only "works with Alexa" on the link provided.
    It seems none of the battery-powered cameras are HomeKit compatible. Wish they were. 
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    Andrew_OSUAndrew_OSU Posts: 486member, editor
    Is the Ring Door View Cam compatible with HomeKit? I presume not, since I see only "works with Alexa" on the link provided.
    Ring has continued to promise HomeKit support is forthcoming with its cameras but to date, no Ring camera supports it.
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    macguimacgui Posts: 2,062member
    The new Ring camera looked promising, but I forgot that it's a doorbell too, so there's this big box hanging on the front of the door.

    I want a door viewer camera that looks just like a door viewer from the outside. There are several on the market and they're all crap. Most will stream to a phone or two a chip inside the viewer, but not to both. One day, maybe.

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