Experiences with Keyboard Service Program

in Current Mac Hardware
What questions/checks are the "geniuses" doing when dropping off the laptop for keyboard replacement? Do they just replace the keyboard on anyone who just comes in and say that the keys feel sticky (even if they can't replicate while you are there?)

My 2018 MBP had a light liquid spill (juice) that damaged the IO ports. I was not concerned as I have AppleCare+. I took it to the Genius Bar and they shipped it off to have it repaired. Luckily, the liquid indicators did not trip, therefore the repair was covered under the standard warranty and I did not have to pay the $299 accident incident fee. They replaced the IO ports and the fans, but not the keyboard.

Now some of the keys at the left side of the keyboard, mainly the tab, caps lock and shift, feel sticky and sound louder than the rest when pressed. How can I go about having Apple replacing my keyboard under the Keyboard Service Program?

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