Bluetooth Cordless Phones?

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Does anyone know of any home cordless phones that are Bluetooth?

It would be cool if they could sync with iSync as a lot of cordless phones these days have memory options.

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    I am not aware of any. I can see this being desirable functionality in a cellular phone, but a home cordless phone... about all you could do would be to add phone numbers to the built-in phonebook if the phone supports that.

    Doesn't sound too exciting
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    Well it is just like a cell phone for the fact that you have to add all the numbers by hand but if you can do it on a computer first, it would make life a lot easier.
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    Wow. <a href=",1282,57941,00.html"; target="_blank">this</a> is cool...I'm not a cell phone dependent person but I thought I'd pass this info to y'all that do...

    "Last week, Salling released a clunkily named but surprisingly versatile piece of software for Mac OS X called the <a href=""; target="_blank">Sony Ericsson Clicker</a>, which turns a Bluetooth-equipped Sony Ericsson cell phone into a universal remote for the Mac -- and more.

    Imagine the possiblities... :eek:

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