MacOS X "forgets" all logins and certificates upon password change?

in macOS

Hi everyone,

yesterday, I changed the password of my MBP's user account. After I rebooted the device, I'm signed out from most applications:

  • Outlook
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Skype 4 Business
  • Setapp
  • OneDrive
  • Google Chrome
  • ...

It also forgot about my saved TouchID fingerprints, my WLANs and some certificate related things, too, obviously, since my Cisco AnyConnect VPN client only shows "Certificate Validation Failure" upon connect. Also, since most of my corporate logins are made using X.509 certificate exchange, these do not work anymore, as well.

This rendered me more or less unable to work and I will need to hunt after the proper technicians for a fix today.. but I'd also like to know what has caused this to prevent it for the future or at least do it in less work dense periods (naturally, I do have some deadlines running out today, as usual for this kind of things ... 😵). Is this related to my password change? Will this happen every time I change my password now?

I'm still quite new to the MacOS platform, so I don't have much experience yet.

Thanks for your replies!


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