2018 MacBook Pro Logic Board Problems

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Just wondering if there is a widespread problem or not.

On my 2018 MBP, bought last summer (July 2018)I had to replace the logic board (January 2019).

Just dropped it off at the Genius Bar and it looks like the logic board has failed again.  I did manage to get it in 1 day under warranty!!!

Is this happening to others?  I'm am doing something wrong?

I've owned computers since 1988 and started buying Macs in 2009.  Currently I have four running in the house.

And I've never replaced a logic board (or motherboard) until this computer.  In fact, I've never any problems except for 3 hard drive failures and 1 port failure.  I don't think I abuse my computers - this particular MBP never left the house - except to go to the Genius Bar to get the logic board replaced.
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