Apple releases tvOS 12.4 for Apple TV HD, Apple TV 4K

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Apple on Monday issued the completed version of tvOS 12.4, the latest update for the Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K.

tvOS 12

Whether or not an Apple TV is set to do it automatically, owners can force the update by launching the Settings app, selecting the System menu, and then choosing "Update Software" under "Software Updates." Once downloaded, an Apple TV will restart automatically for the installation process.

Changes are so far believed to be limited to bugfixes and security, since nothing major was noticed in prior betas. The last developer beta of tvOS 12.4 was seeded on June 11.

Apple is meanwhile preparing tvOS 13 for this fall. That software will include a redesigned homescreen, support for Sony and Microsoft gamepads, and above all multiple profiles, allowing people to use their own watchlists, preferences, and Apple Music libraries.


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    ElCapitanElCapitan Posts: 372member
    That was really exiting. Apple Premium Channels (finally) appeared in my geo area with the single offering of the Smithsonian Channel. - meh!  :)
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    FcastleFcastle Posts: 4member
    The Trailers app is still broken. Sucks.
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    AppleExposedAppleExposed Posts: 1,805unconfirmed, member
    The bastard child of Apple software.

    Fcastle said:
    The Trailers app is still broken. Sucks.

    What's wrong with it?
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    mobirdmobird Posts: 756member
    Homepod updated to 12.4.
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