iPhone X Series Problem with Apple Mail Server

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My iPhone XS Max lost connection to the server on the morning of 7/25. After speaking with Apple Tech rep and bumped up to level 2, they were not able to discover the cause of the problem.  later that day, I spoke to another rep that explained it seems to be an emerging issue with the iPhone X line.  they took my log files to send to the engineers so that they could work on the problem, and promising to call me back 7/25 before and of business. I have not heard back from them and 2 of my calls to the rep that took ownership of my case have not been returned.  it sounds worrisome to me!  anyone else losing connection to the server in Apple Mail?  and yes, we tried everything I and they know of short of a clean re-install which would cause me to add back in my 250 apps.  Apple said not to do that yet until they could analyze the logs.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?
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