Which dongle has power delivery + 4k is 60hz + usb 3 ?

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Hi. I just got a Macbook pro 15 to replace my alienware and am new to the dongle life. At work I use a 4k TV as a monitor with only HDMI inputs, plus a usb keyboard and mouse. I'd like to have my entire workstation setup plug in with just one connection. The sticking point seems be 4k 60hz hdmi. 30 hz is unusable, and most of the dongles that advertise "4k 60hz over thunderbolt" only support 4k 30hz on the HDMI out. Got any suggestions?

And just to clarify, I'd like to avoid spending $2-300 on thunderbolt docks, which I know are capable of this, because I'd need them for two locations.


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    dru5hdru5h Posts: 2unconfirmed, member

    Maybe I should jut make one by epoxying together a power + usb dongle and a 60 hz 4k hdmi dongle and having each one insert into one of the usb c ports?

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