Installed beta 4 of iPadOS two days ago - iTunes match seems to be broken

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I installed beta 4 of iPadOS on my iPad mini two days ago, and I think the cosmetic changes are excellent - love dark mode, love ability to get more icons on screen, and love enhanced home page.
However, the thing that makes me think I won't be upgrading (?) on my main iPad is that my Itunes Match account no longer has any purpose.
I subscribed to Itunes Match when it first launched, such that I can listen to my more esoteric music which is not available on any streaming service. I don't subscribe to Apple Music (overpriced and duplicates functionality of my Amazon Music Unlimited subscription), but that seems to be the direction that Apple is trying to push everyone into.
In the Music app on iPadOS beta 4, it says "Showing only music on this iPad" at the top of every page, and when I update settings for the Music app to check "Sync Library" (which I should imagine is the modern equivalent to the older "iCloud Music Library" setting, in that the descriptive text says "Your purchased music, content you import to iTunes and changes you make to your library will sync across all your devices"), absolutely nothing changes - my iTunes match content remains unavailable and the "Showing only music on this iPad" text remains at top of every music page.
This is pretty much a deal breaker for me - has anyone found a way to get iPadOS to show iTunes Match content, or did Apple really mean to deprecate iTunes Match, and will they be refunding subscriptions for the service, given that it's now broken? Does anyone know? Also, what's now the best way to stream personal content? Plex seems good, but expensive, and both Amazon and Google seem to have retired their free streaming of personal content, so I'm looking for a replacement for iTunes Match.


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    Found it - they've moved access to the iTunes Match functionaility from the "settings" to within the app itself. When I installed the beta, I had been showing "only music on iPad", and when I was clicking pretty much everywhere that I could think of within the Music app, I tried the left arrow alongside the "Showing..." legend which allowed me to opt to show all music rather than just downloaded. It's always nice when stuff gets moved around, and even better when they don't tell you....
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