When you just want to play around with your mac.

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Forgive me if this topic has been done before. I tried to do searches on previous topics, but it would not allow.


Since I got my emac (upgraded from a very loved lime imac 400mhz running classic) I am addicted to my 10.2 and the many web sites that offer beautiful icons, screensavers and desktop goodies.

I thought I could start a thread that involved 2 things.

a) write a limerick about your mac

b) list your favorite web sites to download fun things for your mac.

Allow me to go first.

In October of 99, came my first mac.

I almost had a heart attack

She came in the color of lime

and I played with her all the time

My husband couldn't get me into the sack.

I upgraded to something faster this year

and then came by husbands biggest fear

because 5 months later we were to wed

and all he could see was the back of my head

*yeah. that was really bad I know.

Jessica (encinitas CA) and madly inlove with her emac.

Favorite web sites? Well...that is why I made this topic, to get some ideas.

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    Pretty mainstream maybe, but I check out <a href="http://www.xicons.com/"; target="_blank">xicons</a> every once in a while. That's where I get most of the icons. However, I don't use that many, I kind of get tired of anything too fancy quick. Also, I find the World of Aqua series from <a href="http://www.iconfactory.com/"; target="_blank">iconfactory</a> pretty decent, and sometimes use something from those collections.

    As for desktops, I hardly use any, though I'd check out <a href="http://www.macdesktops.com"; target="_blank">macdesktops</a> if I were looking for something.

    Lesser known sites, that are smashing and offer some beautiful stuff, are, for instance, <a href="http://www.pixelgirlpresents.com/icons.html"; target="_blank">Pixelgirl</a> or, a site nicely symbolic of the new 'cool' trend in webdesign, <a href="http://www.rad-e8.com/"; target="_blank">rad-e8</a>.

    As for limericks, allow me to pass, though that seeing the back of your head is actually worth, at least, a chuckle.
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