Best Time to Buy a PowerBook?

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I am planning on buying a 15" PowerBook this fall. I am wondering if this would be the best time to buy one, or should I hold off until the IBM 970 is introduced into the PowerBooks. But how long do you think that would take?

Also...when would be the best time to buy an iPod?


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    Powerbook is going to have a G4 in it probably till some time next year. We may see a 970 in the PB this year, but I doubt it. So, to answer your question, I would wait till the Aluminum PB comes out, but the current Ti is a hell of a deal if you do not care about FW 800, Airport Extreme, and Bluetooth.

    For the iPod, I would wait a couple of more weeks. We will hear something about the iPod when Apple announces their Music Server in the coming weeks.

    Hope this helps
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    fred_ljfred_lj Posts: 607member
    I'm in agreeance -- the current TiBooks are beautiful and do the job quite swiftly and silently for the most part (until you start crunching the video card and the big-momma fan on the Radeon turns on). Speaking of Radeon, another great reason to get a TiBook now --- I do hope Apple hasn't completely shut out ATI of their professional offering.
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    If you wait until the 15" AlBooks come out, you can get the TiBook for a few hundred less. I would wait to compare the two however. I have no use for Airport extreme or FW800 and I already have a bluetooth adapter. I personally prefer the ATI card over the NVidia card anyday. It's all personal preference, but if you play on waiting until Fall, wait til mid-late Novermber at least, that is usually when the Powerbooks are updated.
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    matsumatsu Posts: 6,558member
    Either buy now, buy a discontinued Ti (when the 15 is finally updated, or be prepared to wait a long time.)

    We have to see how 970 based powermacs progress before we can really guestimate on 970 based notebooks. Much of the smart money is on G4 based powerbooks for at least another 18 months.

    All Apple models are best purchased immediately after refresh. Apple gives neither a decent heads up, or significant savings as a product ages. The other smart play is to fight over the few discontinued models still in circulation when updates happen (provided the savings are significant)
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    So I guess the 970 definatly won't be in the PowerBook anytime soon. So if I were to buy a 15" PowerBook I would want to wait until after the next refresh so I can use the FireWire 800 with the iPod that I plan to buy at the same time. Sounds great. But what was that about waiting until November? Would the update then be significant enough for me to wait...or could I just get one in September and forget about the November update.
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    If you are planning on getting one in the Fall, then wait for the Fall release, if not, buy the current one if FW 800 is not a problem, if it is wait a month and you will probably be able to get FW 800 on the 15 PB. For the iPod, I do not know if it is going to have FW 800 on it in the coming release.
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