iOS 13 Updates & Features which Require Catalina

in macOS
Not sure if this belongs here so somewhere else better.

Last year I got caught in with Apple making an iOS 12 update/feature requiring Mojave to work. Specifically Books (what was ibooks) would no long sync with High Sierra if you updated your iOS devices to iOS12. This fact was not well publicizes and most people found out like me (the wife) when their books would not longer sync if all iOS devices were not on iOS12 and mas was on Mojave. I avoided updating to Mojave since I was aware some of the software I used would stop working on Mojave and the developer had not updated or I did not have an alternate solution. However, I decide to update the wife's iPad to iOS 12 to get some of the new features, only to find out she could not longer sync books between the mac and her Phone. To say the least she was not happy. 

I am try to avoid the same situation with iOS 13 and Catalina. Is anyone aware of features on iOS which will not work unless you also have Catalina on your mac which I am definitely not planning to upgrade, I know I have some older software which will not work on Catalina. 
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