Goldman Sachs predicts 26% stock price drop

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I just don’t get Wall Street. The whole tech world was surprised and pleased by Apple’s pricing of Arcade and TV+, and price drops to the iPhone 11, the iPhone XR, and iPhone 8. But not Wall Street. No, not Wall Street. After complaining that Apple was too reliant on iPhone sales and urging Apple to diversify now Wall Street is unhappy with the pricing which, they say, will negatively impact Apple’s revenue and ASP. So basically damed if Apple does and damned if Apple doesn’t. 

APPL is down $4 so far today as investors get in lockstep with Wall Street’s dire predictions. Jesus H. Christ, Moses in the reeds, Gandhi in the Ganges, what do these people want?


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    avon b7avon b7 Posts: 4,302member
    The iPhone business is having a hard time but overall the Apple table has other legs to stand on. From a purely business perspective we need to see if the new services take root and if the iPhone itself picks up a bit of steam throughout the year. It's early days since all the pricing adjustments.

    Part of the instability will come from external factors like the trade war, broader economic headwinds, Apple's tax affairs in Ireland, anti trust activity in the U.S etc.
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