MacBook Pro 2018 Unexpected Battery Issue (Sometimes not charging)

in Genius Bar

Hello, friends. My MacBook Pro 15 i7 2018 bought in March, have an unexpected issue.

An unpleasant situation happened to me. The computer, with the lid closed in sleep mode, was charged all night from the original power adapter. In the morning I turned it off, put it in my bag and went to work. Arriving at work and opening it, I saw a 0% charge. Having connected, having waited for inclusion, I made a curious screenshot. After that, he was fully charged and worked fine.

Post image

At the moment, after lengthy conversations with support, everyone answered me that they had never seen anything like it. The blue line of the battery level creeps along the bottom, although we see a green zone (Connect to AC) in the background for 12 hours. I am doing all PRAM and NVRAM resets SMC reboots, and all recommended by support. This has not happened to me on any MacBook.

They told me: * You did great investigation, and you did even better reaching us out, so we can work together investigating this, and if needed, get information of this issue for any possible future cases


They asked to contact me if I have it again. Otherwise, this can be considered a one-time error.

And today, It repeated... But it stay on AC and been opened with YouTube and Capture One. Here is new screenshot:

Post image

How its possible? MacBook works fine, but the second time substitutes me.

Mojave 10.14.6 (18G95),

Cycle Count: 65

Condition: Normal

Not hot process, no connected devices.

Tomorrow I will go to an authorized center in my city in Russia, where I will try to explain the situation. Tell me, please, how can I correctly describe the problem and what can I count on? The MacBook is under warranty and is not damaged.

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