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I Purchased a Series 4 watch from the local apple store on the 6th of July and last Sunday whilst cycling on the local cycle path got caught in a downpour, the watch dialed 112 a few time so I had to turn it off!!

Once I got home and powered it back on it was obvious water had got in, no problem I thought I'll take it back to the store and get it repaired/replaced under warranty, after all its water resistant to 50m right?

WRONG water damage is not covered under warranty!!! so a word of warning the advertising that it is water resistant to 50m and suitable to wear when swimming etc is frankly not worth the electrons used to type the phrase and maybe should be changed to read Maybe water resistant to 50M


I have to stress that at no time have I abused the watch in anyway and being a mere 3 months old I can appreciate that water resistance can deteriorate over time etc but come on after 3 months going from 50m depth to not being able to cope in a heavy shower!!


At no time in my conversations with various operatives in the store was I even shown a modicum of understanding or offered anything other than a repair/replacement for £336.44 come on Apple I always expected much better than that from you

 Anyone else experienced this?

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