Is Music broken for large libraries?

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Music is hopeless in managing large libraries! I thought that when Apple split iTunes in different apps to handle different media types, the idea was to offer a better experience for that media type, but Music is much worse than iTunes in handling large local libraries.

In iTunes i could choose to see the library in column view. If I wanted to see which chamber works I have of the Takacs quartet playing Beethoven, I could click on Chamber music, Beethoven and Takacs (in the different columns) and there it was. It gave a great view of the contents of the library. Easy and fast.

Now I have to click on Genre and then there is a list of available genres (which takes some time). Then I must click on Chamber music and I get a list of all the works I have that are registered as Chamber music. Then I must search for Beethoven and filter on Takacs. I could of course search on "Beethoven Takacs Chamber", but this takes time, and I have to know exactly what I want to find. One of the nice things about a large library is that you can browse and be inspired to listen to something that you don't know/haven't played for a long time (like you browse the net - you look for something and find an interesting link to something and you follow this link and learn new things - and how you browse Apple Music streaming content). This ability has been stripped from the way Music handles large libraries.

NB: My library is large - 3,5 TB, more than 200 000 "songs"

PS: I know that I am not a typical user. Most people probably uses streaming, and for this Music might be better than iTunes.

I have tried to adapt to Music because things changes, and Music might give me other ways to view my library, but so far I haven't found it. Apple has removed one essential function without offering a better way of performing this function. Bring back column view in one way or another.

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