To promote STEM should Apple go SBC?

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Lot’s of interesting things going on in the Single Board Computer world. 

Raspberry Pi 4 has launched and has a nice performance boost 

ASUS Tinkerboard is another solid SBC that the company is committed to evolving 

Nvidia is betting heavily on their Jetson lineup to propel AI, Robotics and more 

Perhaps it’s time for Apple to deliver their version of  an SBC platform that supports Apple’s AI initiatives 
and pushes the idea of STEM and Coding.  It would be awesome to see what Apple’s take on this would be. 


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    I fully agree that an Apple SBC would be really cool. However, Apple has always promoted a very "closed" ecosystem, in the sense that they try to limit tinkering with their own devices. So as cool as it would be, it would seem a little out of character to me.
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