The Speaker Quality of the iPhone 11 Was Terrible.

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One acoustic engineer at Harman openly complained about how poor it was.  In fact, he thinks the iPhone 11 is the worst for years.

Mainly due to strong distortion at half the volume.

Don't think anyone could read Chinese, but here's the original link.  But even Notebookcheck said it well:

Stereo speakers are not a guarantee for good sound, which Apple demonstrates handsomely with the iPhone 11. The ones in our review unit sound passable at medium volume, but they begin to distort at higher volumes. Our measurements confirm this too.
Not to confuse that with the Pro and the Pro Max, they seem fine.  The issue on the iPhone 11 as he thinks isn't so much about hardware, but rather the codec or the software.

I wonder anyone who has an iPhone 11 and experiencing similar problems?
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