Please explain to me

in Feedback edited January 2014
.....Why my MOSR thread was locked in general discussion. (MOSR: Strict Daily Updates)

I can see no reason why it should have been locked. It was in the appropriate forum. I know khack advertised his site at the end, but that isn't my fault (and I would argue there was nothing wrong with doing that anyway).

All thread locks should require an explanation. I also am not thrilled about the idea of the notice on "the boards getting negative" that was here a few days ago. The mods don't have the right to monitor the tone of the long as it isn't pornographic or a thread that is obviously a personal attack I don't see the problem.

I was always in favor of locking threads that didn't belong. But, as far as I'm concerned, the mods are getting a bit nazi-esque. This needs to stop. I'll use any damn tone I want too, and so should the rest of us.
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