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Hi All -

Let me be direct to the point, I prefer to use the iPhone's email app however, the app is too flookie for me... Where the problem is in the notifications... I can get an email on my iMac which should mean at the same time I'd get a notification on my iPhone (happens on my iPad) as well but nope, it never happens...

There are times when this senario happens I'll hear it on my iMac, but check my iPhone 8, no notification sound or badge count! So guess what, if I then open the app 'bing bing bing' now I get my notifications after opening the app! What is up with that? How effective is that, the app is already running in the background but yet I have to click on the icon and open it again just to get notifications... Come on Apple that is just too lame in the tech world we are in now.

I do prefer the Apple iPhones email app over Gmail but Apple just is not addressing this problem, I am a constant user of Apple products and have read numerous, numerous comlaints about his very same problem from other user's as well, and I've tried every solution I have read from the 'techs' who answer these email complains or forum comments... NOTHING WORKS...

OK, for the hardware, I am using the iPhone 8, my phone is NOT jailbroken and in everyother way works fine... I am a Apple IOS Beta Tester and have been for years and am currently running v13.3.1 I pay my bills on time, love my iMac, love my iPhone and love watching things on iTV so what gives Apple, can't you please please fix this email app?

I do look forward to this being fixed and or at least addressed in 2020!

I look forward to hearing from you... or anyone!

Frustrated user,


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